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Adding the Navigation

To provide a great user experience, you have to create a great menu. Follow the steps below to create one.

Step 1 – Create custom menu

To create a menu, you have to go to Admin Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus and click on Add a menu button.

Step 2 – Add items to the menu

After you have created a new menu, you have to add menu items which will be displayed on the frontend. You can choose from several options which type of items do you want to add:

  • Page
  • Link
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Post
Step 3 – Order the menu items

Now, when all the menu items were added, you can order them with drag & drop functionality. Just click on needed item and reorder it as you want. To create a submenu, drag the item to the right and set it under the ‘parent page’.

Step 4 – Assign menu to the theme location

To be displayed on the front end, a menu needs to be assigned to a menu location. You can do this from Menu Settings area. Spiffy theme comes with 4 areas:

  1. Menu displayed in header left side
  2. Menu displayed in header right side
  3. Menu displayed in footer
  4. Menu displayed on mobile devices

If you selected as header layout the ‘Standard’ option, then menu from #1 will be displayed.

If you selected as header layout the ‘Logo on center’ option, then on the left will be displayed the menu from #1 and on the right side will be displayed from #2

For #3 choose the menu you want to be displayed in footer

By default, if there is no menu assigned to #4, then menu from #1 will be displayed on mobile devices.


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