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About LSCF

Live Search and Custom Fields is a Premium WordPress Filter Plugin that provides an easy way to create custom posts, custom fields and generate a live filter using custom posts and custom fields from your WordPress site. It’s built with AngularJS – a javascript framework created by Google and it’s up at latest WordPress standards.

  • 1. Create/remove custom posts and custom taxonomies.
  • 2. Display Custom Posts.
  • 3. Create Custom Fields for any Custom Post Type.
    Custom Fields Types:
    • 1. Text field
    • 2. Date field
    • 3. Radio Button field
    • 4. Checkbox field
    • 5. Select field
    • 6. Checkbox with icons field
    • 7. Variation/Relationship field
  • 4. Display custom fields in any custom post page.
  • 5. Generate a live filter/search using custom posts.
    • Live/instant general search
    • Search by taxonomies/categories
    • Search by Custom Fields
    • Range Field – an additional custom field for your filter. Search by numeric values(By “Text” field)
    • Date Interval Field – an additional custom field for your filter. Search between dates (by “Date” field)
    • Featured Field – an additional custom field for your filter. A Featured field for your post listing.
  • 6. Display a live filter by copying the generated shortcode inside WordPres page.
  • 7. Customize the main color from your Filter.
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