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Live Search and Custom Fields – WordPress Filter Plugin

Advanced WordPress Filter Plugin for posts, WooCommerce products and custom posts. Filter posts by categories, taxonomies and by custom fields. Filter WooCommerce Products by price, availability, attributes and many more. Create an ajax search field that displays results in real time with no page reloads!

Live Search and Custom Fields (LSCF) is a powerful WordPress Filter Plugin that helps you create advanced filters on your website. It allows you to filter and search posts, WooCommerce products, custom posts, taxonomies and LSCF custom fields. Built with AngularJS framework, results are displayed in real time and are periodically cached, which provides superior performance than regular Ajax filters.

LSCF in action

We created few demos for the showcase, but sky is the limit. You can use it for any kind of website. Simple, clean and minimalist design will help to focus on the product.

Travel Agency Demo
Restaurant (WooCommerce)
Stock Images
Hierarchical categories
Real Estate
Clothes Store (WooCommerce)
IT Store (WooCommerce)

Travel Agency Demo

Restaurant (WooCommerce)

Stock Images

Hierarchical categories

Real Estate

Clothes Store (WooCommerce)

IT Store (WooCommerce)


Live Search and Custom Posts plugin will help you to provide a better experience for your users. With just few clicks, users will find the product that they're searching for. Queries are periodically cached which means a smaller response time.

Results are displayed in real time, no page refresh needed. LSCF comes with predefined template, but also gives you the option to create your custom one(you have to know basic HTML/CSS). Display instant search field - result will be displayed in real time.

Live Search and Custom Fields plugin works with:

  • Posts
  • Post tags
  • Custom post type
  • Post taxonomies
  • Post categories
  • Product taxonomies
  • WooCommerce products

Filter posts & custom post types by:

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Taxonomies
  • LSCF custom fields
  • WooCommerce products

Display filter fields as:

  • Icons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Radio buttons
  • Icons with text

Frontend Editor

Customize the plugin in real time via Frontend Editor. Change the template, re-order filter fields via drag & drop, change color, number of columns, position of the sidebar, default results and other options.

Customize filter via Frontend Editor

WooCommerce Ready

Live Search and Custom Fields plugin is 100% compatible with WooCommerce plugin. Filter by WooCommerce attributes and categories, price, stock quantity, product SKU, in stock/out of stock.

WooCommerce Filter

Templates & Styles

LSCF comes with 6 predefined templates: Grid, Accordion, Portrait, Overlay grid, Minimalist grid, WooCommerce grid. Customize the layout via Frontend Editor and choose the number of columns, grid type, sidebar position etc.

Check out how we integrated LSCF in our demos websites from multiple niches: Travel Agency, Clothes Store (WooCommerce), Stock Images directory, IT Store (WooCommerce), Real Estate, Restaurant (WooCommerce), FAQ page with Live Search functioality and Hierarchical Categories filter.

Live Search, Instant results

It runs only one database query to display all custom fields (it doesn’t matter how many do you have). This improvement helps to avoid the database server workload on high-traffic websites.

All filter queries are periodically cached – gives a very high performance to live search and posts filter.

WordPress Live Search


Our team is working hard on Live Search and Custom Fields plugin and developing new features to provide the best solution which can be used for any type of business. Here are some of the LSCF features:

Instant search

Your results will be instantly populated when typing. The matched keywords will be highlighted. Search by post title and post content. Search by product SKU(WooCommerce), product name (WooCommerce).

WooCommerce Product Filter

Filter by WooCommerce attributes and categories, price, stock quantity, product SKU, in stock/out of stock.

Custom Fields

Create additional custom fields that can be integrated into filter page or can be displayed in the post template page.

Custom Posts

Easily create custom posts and custom categories with LSCF plugin.

Results sorting

Extra sorting functionalities comes with LSCF custom fields. You can sort your results by any custom field created via LSCF.

Drag & Drop Live editor

Makes style editing and fields ordering much easier.

Custom templates

Easy to create and integrate a new custom template. HTML & CSS customization only required.

Reset button

Option to display a reset button in order to reset the filter without refreshing the page.

Multiple filter types

Choose from multiple filter types: sliders, date, picker, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, icon with text, icon only.

Hierarchical(relationship) filtering

Displays the filters in a hierarchy order. Each subcategory item is displayed only when the parent item is selected. Unlimited levels of deep.

Try the free version

Not sure if it fits your needs? Want to test before paying for it? Then you have to try the Lite version.


Custom Posts

LSCF gives you option to create Custom Posts. In our demos, all the custom posts(like Real Estate, FAQ articles, Photography portfolio items) are created with Live Search and Custom Fields plugin.

Custom Fields

Extend the functionality for your WordPress website with LSCF. Create custom fields like Text, Select, Radio, Checkbox or Checkbox with icons.

WordPress Custom Fields

Online documentation

Well written documentation is available online for all users. If you're facing an issue that is not covered in the docs, feel free to open a ticket'.

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