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Data Tags list

Below you will find a list with all the data tags you can use to display content in your Custom Template:

Description Tag
Post title short( 6 words+[…] ) {{post.title.short}}
Post title {{post.title.long}}
Post ID {{post.ID}}
Post Content short( 20 words ) {{post.short_content}}
Post Content medium( 55 words ) {{post.content}}
Post Content full {{post.full_content}}
Post Excerpt {{post.excerpt}}
Post Featured Image {{post.featuredImageFull}}
Featured Image Thumb {{post.featured_thumbnail}}
Featured Image Thumb Medium {{post.featured_medium}}
Featured Image Thumb Large {{post.featured_large}}
Post Permalink {{post.permalink}}
Post Date {{}}
Custom Date:
d – day ex.: Tuesday
dd – day ex.: Tue
ddd – day ex.: 24
m – month ex.: April
mm – month ex.: 04
mmm – month ex.: 4
y – year ex.: 2018
Post Author {{}}
Post Categories <span ng-repeat=”category in post.categories” ng-bind-html=”category” > </span>
Featured label( text field that is selected when shortcode is generated ) {{post.featured_label.value}}
WooCommerce Regular Price {{post.woocommerce.regular_price}}
WooCommerce Sale Price {{post.woocommerce.sale_price}}
WooCommerce Sale Percentage {{post.woocommerce.sale_percentage}}
WooCommerce Variation Min Price {{post.woocommerce.variation_min_price}}
WooCommerce Variation Max Price {{post.woocommerce.variation_max_price}}
WooCommerce Price {{post.woocommerce.price}}
WooCommerce Price currency {{post.woocommerce.price_currency}}
WooCommerce product SKU {{post.woocommerce.sku}}
WooCommerce product stock quantity {{post.woocommerce.stock}}
WooCommerce Gallery <span ng-repeat=”imageUrl in” ><img src=”{{imageUrl}}” ></span>
WooCommerce add to cart link {{post.woocommerce.add_to_cart_link}}
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