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Creating the Custom Template

Follow the steps below in order to create the Custom Template for displaying LSCF results:

  1. Create a folder into your theme directory called lscf-templates. The plugin will detect automatically all templates from that folder.
    UPDATE: Since 2.6.5 the lscf-templates folder can be placed in one of the following directories: uploads directory OR child theme directory OR theme directory.
  2. In the created folder(lscf-templates) create a lscf-{your-template-name-goes-here}.html file.
    LSCF will detect only the .html files with name lscf-{some-template-name}.html.
    Here are couple examples of correct template file names: lscf-portfolio.html, lscf-real-estate-articles.html, lscf-photography.html,, etc.
  3. Open the newly created template file from lscf-templates folder and start editing it.
    All your HTML code should be inserted into the main div block:

    Important: the main div should have this attribute: ng-repeat=”post in filterPostsTemplate.posts”
  4. Activate your new created custom template
    To activate your custom template, go to Frontend Editor and there will be a new section called Custom Themes
    Click on custom template to activate it.
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