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WP Secure File Transfer PRO – Advanced WordPress Plugin to Send Files

Advanced File Transfer Plugin for WordPress that allow users to send files via website. Create a shortcode in minutes and use it to display the transfer form.

With WP Secure File Transfer PRO you can customize the file validity, max file size, form/button text and emails notification content. Use shortcodes in the email content to display the file data, file sender info, delete file link (available only for notification sent to file sender). Check the file reports in the admin dashboard to see who and what files is sending.

Why you should use WP Secure File Transfer PRO?

WP Secure File Transfer PRO is built to keep files safe. Each shortcode's file that is uploaded have unique directory name that randomly generated. Files are automatically deleted from the server when file validity is expired.

Send Big Files

Using the native FileReader API and file chunking, our plugin allows to send big files. We’ve tested with files up to 10 GB.

Send to multiple email addresses

You can choose to send to one or multiple email addresses. Each email will contain a unique download link.

Receive notifications on file download

Allow senders to receive email notifications when file are downloaded. The email content can be fully customized from the admin dashboard.

Reports page for administrators

As an administrator, you may want to see who is sending files. In the dashboard, the reports page is available for each shortcode.

Customize email notifications

All email notifications and email subjects are fully customizable.

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