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WP Jobs Board – Advanced Ajax Job Search and Filter WordPress Plugin

Create a powerful job board on your WordPress website in few clicks. WP Jobs Board is an advanced plugin that helps you create, list, search and filter the job listings with ease. It includes the Google Maps API that allow users to search by location radius.

WP Jobs Board is shortcode based that means you can create powerful jobs platform on any WordPress website. Use the shortcodes on any page and customize the filters as you want.

WP Jobs Board - WordPress Plugin

Why you should use WP Jobs Board?

WP Jobs Board is a powerful WordPress Plugin and easy to use. Just place the shortcodes on the needed pages and let users to register as Employer or Candidate, post the jobs listings as admin or allow Employers to post new jobs. Use the power of Google Maps API to search by location radius. Allow users to save jobs to favorite lists. Use the external links to another jobs sites.

How the Ajax Search and Filter Works?

How Search by Radius Works?

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